Touchpoints are unique and prime building blocks of the system, these are the "touchpoints" throughout your customers will interact with the Yusp personalization engine. These interfaces will be in the frontline of the service, utilize and define your business goals, and technological premises.

You can find touchpoints below the menu, Channels. 

Touchpoints are built by logic, page definition and a design. 

So the math is:


In order to publish a touchpoint you always have to attach these three elements.

Touchpoints are the end results of the personalization system.

  • touchpoints are being tracked continuously by the analytical engine of the system, and can be measured by multiple aspects,
  • find the dashboard - analytics menu to measure the touchpoints,
  • touchpoints are visualized as recommendation boxes,
  • touchpoints can be created, deleted, cloned,

Touchpoints can be passive or live; this manner can be paused, and sent to live. When a touchpoint is live, that means it is published to your site and is visible for your customers. 

Let's take a look how you can manage and combine its components:

Additionaly you have to define a position for your touchpoint. Read more.