In the “Why” section, users can select the KPIs that they would like to measure for a particular action. The list of the KPIs that can be selected are the following:

  • Revenue generated by 1000 recommendations
  • CTR 
  • Number of Recommendations
  • Total revenue 
  • Revenue generated by recommendations 
  • Total number of transactions
  • Revenue generated by recommendations
  • Number of transactions generated by recommendations  

Example: Suppose that we have created a recommendation box to go on a home page for an online fashion retailer. You can set up different actions for this recommendation box, such as “men’s” and “women’s”. This means that each user is identified as either a man or woman and appropriate items will be displayed in the recommendation box. You can make separate measurements using the above menu options for these two actions that are using the same recommendation box.


Time Frame Selection

Users should first select the starting point and time frame for the measurement that they would like to create.


Reports can be easily downloaded and saved using this function.

Split By A/B Test

This function makes sense if two or more logics are setup in the “What” section and an A/B Test is activated. This will generate separate graphs for each group in the A/B Test. These results will be automatically displayed in the “Why” section. A check box will be available in the upper left-hand corner that allows the user to turn the Split By A/B Test results on and off. Turning these results off will display the average results.

Style: Stacked

Clicking on this checkbox allows the user to choose from a line view or a stacked view. These logics can then be compared using this function.