After specifying Where (at which placements) the next step is set up to Whom (which target groups) should the recommendations be displayed to.

Selecting a target group

The first thing you will find in this section is a drop-down listing the existing target groups. “Everybody” will automatically appear as the default value (this will contain all visitors of your website without any limitations or filters). Clicking on one of listed target groups (except "Everybody") in the dropdown menu will cause the target group editor to appear.


Viewing and editing target groups

By default, the target group editor will be in a “read only” mode and is designed to allow the user to view the set-up behind the target group.

To actually edit the selected target group click on the "Edit" icon next to the target group's name (pencil and paper).

  • You need to be careful here as changing these target group parameters will change them for all actions using the given target group.
  • If you want to make changes only for this action, then click on the next icon (two sheets of stacked paper) that says “Create Copy”. Clicking on this icon will cause a pop-up to appear that will allow you to name the new target group. Please choose a clear and definitive name for this new target group and click “Ok”. Now you can edit the copy of the original target group.

To get to know more about target groups and how to set them up, please refer to the target groups documentation page.