Selecting the placement

The “Where” section is the first step towards creating an action. Setting it up allows you to change the placement where the action will be used (where the recommendations generated by this action will be displayed). Clicking on the dropdown menu will show the list of placements you can choose from. If you select an item from this drop-down menu, then you will see the list of the available context parameters in recommendation requests below.


Available context properties in recommendation requests

You will be able set up the recommendation logic in the What section with the help of these input parameters. These cannot be edited at this point, as they have already been specified for each placement during the integration process. 

The typical parameters are:

  • Item ID: the unique identifier of an item (certain product, video, article). It is usually a string of numbers and letters
  • Cookie ID: the unique identifier of a cookie placed on one of your visitors' browser. It is usually a string of numbers and letters
  • Title: the title of an item, e.g. "Short Sleeved Gingham Shirt" or "Epic Funny Cats"
  • Description: the description of an item
  • Image URL: the link a certain item's thumbnail picture
  • Price: an item's price, if available
  • CategoryID: the unique identifier or title of the category that contains the given item
  • CategoryPath: the hierarchical path of the category (like: Clothes > Seasonal > Summer Collection)