Actions are the main building blocks of logics (under "Web" they're, in fact, called logics). They define where (placements), to whom (target groups), what and why should be displayed by Yusp. 

It is important to note, that if you create a Placement during the Yusp Standard Installation, or with the placement creation guide under the Web menu, it will create a Widget, with an Action inside it (the name of this will be the name you specified for the logic), in the Default campaign.

Create a new Action

The easiest way to create a new action is to copy an existing action. It is also possible to build a new one from scratch, but then you will need to manually set up all the parameters.

Create a new Action from scratch

  1. Go to the Campaign view and then click on the “+” button next to the title of the campaign in the left side menu. Clicking on the “+” launches a popup.
  2. The appearing window allows you to configure the following
    1. Action name: chose a clear and definitive name that will help you remember what is the set-up inside this action
    2. Campaign: you can associate your new action to any campaigns (except the default campaign)
    3. Widget (placement): select where (at which placements) you would like the recommendations resulting from this action to be displayed
    4. Target group: select the audience of your new action (the target groups you would like to display the recommendations for)
  3. Click on the "Ok" button. You will now get to the action editor page.


Create a copy from an existing Action

  1. Locate the appropriate action you want to copy. It may be wise to create a copy from one of the default actions
  2. Near the bottom left corner of the selected action's box, you will find the copy button icon that looks like two sheets of stacked paper. Click on it.
  3. Now, in the appearing window, you will be able to select the campaign you want to copy the selected action into.
  4. Once you have selected your campaign, then you should click “Ok” and the action will show up in your selected campaign.


Edit an Action

  1. Locate the action you want to edit and click on the edit button (with the pencil icon) in its box on the bottom.
  2. You will now be taken to the action editor page. You will also get here after creating a new action from scratch.
  3. The first box on the top of the screen contains the basic settings. Here you can
    1. Rename your action by clicking on its name in the header of the box and typing in a new name
    2. Activate or deactivate the action by clicking on one of the related buttons. Inactive actions don't display any recommendations on your website but this state is useful until you finish editing and testing your changes.
    3. Add a description by clicking in the gray input box that says "Description..." by default
  4. The following editing options are described on separate pages
    1. Where section
    2. Who section
    3. What section 
    4. Why section 
    5. Testing section 
  5. In order to make any change become effective, you must click on the “Save” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.