Placements are specific parts of your website where the recommendations will be displayed. 

"Widgets" here, are the same as "Placements" under the "Web" menu. In other words, placements you create under "Web" will appear here as widgets.

By clicking on Widgets, you will see a list of placements and what actions are active for each of these. Each placement has its own detailed view that can be accessed by clicking on the name of the placement shown on the left side menu. Clicking on the small pencil icon on a placement will also take the user to the detailed view page. The detailed view page allows you to rename the placement and add a description.


Set up and apply placements 

Check out the Web article from the Yusp Dashboard interface basics topic in order to see how you can create a placement with a logic and design using our "Add placement" guide. If you want to know how to manually assign a placement to a logic, see the Where section documentation page.