The Logics menu includes the following submenus, listed and accessible the left side menu:

  • Campaigns: Each campaign is a collection of actions, where each action defines a specific recommendation set-up.
  • Placements: These are specific parts of your website where the recommendations will be displayed. By clicking on this menu item users can view all active placements and check out what logic is set for each individual placement.
  • Target groups: Here you can see a list of all of the target groups (user segments) that have been created. Actions associated with each target group can also be seen here.
  • Actions: These are the main building blocks of logics. Actions define where (placements), to whom (target groups), what and why should be displayed by Yusp.

The Logics menu screen itself will also give you a brief overview of all your campaigns, their status, the related actions and the main performance indicators.