Setting Menu Widget

On the Settings Menu Widget, you will find the following options:

-Your Username
-Your permission level
-Test mode switch
-Settings (This opens the extended setting menu)
-Account Info

Here will be your unique username displayed - this will be your ID, so any act you made with the system will be tracked and saved below the name.

Permission level
According to your permission level, you will have access to different layers, menu tabs, and feature sets of the Yusp Dashboard.

Test mode
When the test mode is active, any settings, live configuration on touchpoints, active logics, or design will be displayed only for you, until you logged in to the Yusp Dashboard.


General settings include:

  • Date and Time
    • Adjusting Date Format
    • Time Zone
    • Preferred week calculation rules (starting day of the week)
      -Currency (momently only USD is available)
    • Currency
    • Gross or Net calculation
    • VAT
      -Language settings


Personal details settings:

Your password re-generating token link will be sent to the e-mail you add here.

Metrics Settings

In the Metrics settings session the most preferred metrics of e-commerce analytics are prepared:
-Click Through Rate
-Number of Recommendations
-Number of Clicks
-Number of Transactions
-Revenue Generated by Recommendations
-Recommendation Share
-Buy Counts
-Buy Values
-Revenue generated by 1000 recommendations
-Transactions generated by 1000 recommendations

You can add new, existing or self-fabricated metrics here but you have to make its call and activate it in the Analytics dashboard.

Algorithm library

New algorithms cannot be added by non-Yusp integrators at the moment.

Account info

In the Account Info settings you can choose among 3 types of e-commerce businesses: