By going to the SmarSearch Tab on the Yusp Dashboard sidebar you can set up our predictive search solution for your website. SmartSearch is basically a blend of two functionalities, that can significantly enhance the search experience of your visitors:

  • Autocomplete 
  • And recommendations based on search terms, that appear in a box under your search bar
    • This includes product recommendations, dynamically generated based on the search term being typed, as well as popular keywords, that are often typed in the search by your visitors 

To set SmartSearch, switch on the Enable Smart Search button.


As a first step, match all the properties using the drop-down menus with fields in your imported catalog. These are the product details that will be displayed in the dynamically generated recommendation boxes under your search bar.

SmartSearch for SMEs, Predictive Search


As a next step, we will define the search bar that you’re going to use as our SmartSearch form. To do this:

  • Insert the URL of one of your pages where the search bar is present. SmartSearch will work on all pages, not just the selected one, as it identifies the search bar by CSS selectors.
  • Now, click on Pick a search box and you’ll be taken to a visual selector page, where you can select the search bar you wish to use for the service. 


  • The selector of the search box you choose is going to be displayed in the top field of the “Search box” tab. Here you can check whether it is correct.
  • Now, you have to specify a placeholder text that is going to be displayed in your SmartSearch box.



Finally, all you have left to do is create the design of your search box. You can edit the colors of the search recommendation box on the visual editor screen, or switch to “Advanced” and apply custom CSS.