By going to SmartMail tab you can create an e-mail with personalized product recommendations to your customers. You can insert recommendations into your newsletters, sales , and email campaigns. 

To create an e-mail campaign, click Add New Email Template panel on the screen, and give it a name. 

You will be taken to the configuration page where you can set the properties and appearance of the e-mail recommendations. 

At Properties Tab, you can select a Design and a Logic previously created for website recommendations from drop-down menus. Under Number of items, you can choose a number of recommended products you wish to insert into your mail. 

By going to the Item Selector Tab and clicking Pick Item Button, you can select the part of a product design you wish to display in your email template. 

At Appearance panel, you can set Image size, Spacing and Alignment of the items and see how they look in a Preview section below. 


In the Code section, you'll find a code snippet to be copied into your emails with recommendations. The recommendations will be generated when the recipient opens the email.


The generated code snippet contains <a><img></a> HTML elements based on the number of recommended products, and the deign and logic applied. Paste the code anywhere in your MailChimp email template (or any other email service or, indeed, an HTML layout).



Insert the recommendations into any e-mail template by simply copy/pasting the generated HTML elements.


It’s important to note, that the images are dynamically generated when the user opens the mail. This makes it possible to launch email campaigns with personalized product recommendations.

You can enable personalized emails in the following way:

First, check if "Login tracking" is turned on under Settings->Installation. If yes, Yusp will start to pair email addresses that user entered on your site to behavioral histories in your Event database.

It is advised to wait a week, or so before you start sending emails, therefore you can already expect, that you have meaningful user profiles to some existing visitors on your mailing list. 

Afterward, you only need to enable personalized emails, by switching on the " Enable personalized emails" switch on the General settings tab of your existing email template. Afterward, create a default Personalized logic, and use it for your email recommendations. 

This logic will display personalized items to customers on whom you have behavioral information, and simple popular products to those, who don't have their emails matched to customer profiles.