In the Web Tab you can manage the pages, create and modify your placements, logics, and designs. Here you can configure and test your recommender boxes, and choose from the following options:

  • Which pages of your site you want to display recommendations on
  • What logics and design you want to apply for the recommendations on these pages


A page is a specific type of a page on your website where you want to display recommendations (e.g. Product Page, Category Page, Cart Page)

A recommendation box on a page is called a "Placement". A placement consists of two elements: 

  • A design, which is the visible layout of the recommendation box
  • A logic, that is the set of rules, based on which items are generated in your box (popular items, related items, personalized recommendations, etc.)

Whenever you add a new placement, a new logic and layout will be generated. You can also use already created logics and designs for new placements, or create designs and logics separately.

To create a new page click on Add new page button, and specify a name and the path for any page of the given page type. Later, you'll be able to identify a set of selectors on this page, that will identify all the same type pages in the Yusp system.
If you already created a page, you can click on the panel button which will take you to the next page with Placements on this page. 



To create a new placement on a page, click on Add new placement button

Choose one of the options: creating a new design or using existing design, and follow the further instructions. 


If you have existing placements you will see them listed in the following order:

Placement name - Applied Logic - Chosen Design 

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.59.18.png

By clicking Placement Name Box, you will see the pop-up window on the right where you can do the following actions:

  • Publish or unpublish your placement by sliding the Publish/Unpublish button 
  • Change the position of your placement on your web page with a visual selector using  Replace visually Button
  • Preview the recommendation box by using the Preview Button, and 
  • Remove placement by clicking Delete placement


By going to the Applied Logic box, you can edit the logic by clicking on the logic applied in the pop-up window, or create a new logic by clicking Add new logic button. You can edit an applied logic by clicking on the pencil icon.


At Chosen Design box, you can do the following actions:

  • View available designs,
  • Edit available designs
  • Choose a design for the current placement

In the top bar menu, you will find the Edit Page Button where you can name your page and define its location by copying the page URL. 

Under Page Settings  you can set and modify your page settings:
  • Add additional URL
  • Define page detection
  • Define page type 
  • Modify item properties
  • Add additional scripts 

At the Crawling Panel, you can modify item properties to be used for recommendations and to be imported into a product catalog. Here you can define which information should be added to the catalog and where is it located on your site. Also, this is where you can check, whether during installation wizard all the property selectors were defined properly. 

You can choose predefined properties in a drop-down menu in Name field, or add manually or visually the new ones. 

By default, Yusp identifies Product Pages (or any other page type) by trying to match all the property selectors under "Crawling". 

You can, however, switch to alternate methods of Page detection, such as URL regexp and HTML selectors. In the latter to cases, same type pages will be identified by a certain URL pattern, or by a selector, or set of selectors that can be found on all pages of the type.