The Analytics menu tab will take you to the page where you can review and create metrics and reports about the performance of the recommendation engine. 

In the top left corner menu you will find 4 sections: 

  • Overview
  • Campaign Report 
  • Custom, and
  • Google Analytics



The Overview tab provides the results about the performance of the recommendations served on your website. 

By default, you will see the panel containing information about the key performance indicators:

  • Revenue generated by 1000 recommendations
  • CTR
  • Number of Recommendations
  • Total revenue 
  • Revenue generated by recommendations
  • Total number of transactions
  • Revenue generated by recommendations
  • Number of transactions generated by recommendations  

In the toolbar on the top of the screen, you can set a time range you'd like to be displayed on the graphs by using a built-in calendar or filling in the values by hand.

If you scroll down, you will see another panel with Summary Report of your recommendations.


You can choose how metrics should be broken down in time by choosing one of the options in the top left-side bar: Month, Week, Day, Hour

By going to Select Measure tab you can choose one of the available metrics you would like to evaluate from a drop down menu (like CTR, Number of recommendations, Number of clicks, Number of transactions/Revenue generated by the recommendations, Reco Share - revenue from recommendations / total revenue, Buy Counts, and Values).


At the Select Type tab you can choose a type of measurement you would like to apply. There are three options:

  • Action (basically, a logic)Click on the Action Button to display all available actions, define a name of the action in the field below. You will see a suggested list of Actions: you can choose All or one of the suggested default actions (logics) (like Sample action, Smart Search Item, Popular, Category Page, Popular, Cart Page) 


  • PlacementClick on Placement button, and choose one of the available placements in the field below. You will see a suggested list of Actions: you can choose All or choose one of the suggested default Placements.


  • CampaignClick on this menu button to display the available campaigns, and choose one of the suggested options in the field below. When you start using the Dash, there is already a default campaign present (It contains the basic settings you will need to get started. If you chose to create your own campaign you can select that here as well).
Reports can also be easily downloaded into a CSV file using Export Icon in the top left corner of the panel.


At Campaign Report tab you can select a campaign report and preview it by going Show button or export it to CSV format by clicking Export to CSV Button. 


The Custom tab allows you to create customized reports. 

To create a new report page, click +Add New View, insert a report's name in a pop-up window, and push OK. Create a new panel by clicking on the Add new panel buttonNow click on the “+” sign on the upper right-hand corner to create a new graph.

Once the graph is created, you can specify Select Measure and type of metrics you would like to be displayed.