How recommendations are served

To have a more comprehensive view on Dash it might be important to understand the process how Yusp connects with your website and serves recommendations. 

All the functions and configuration options are related, whether to how the system imports and updates your product catalog, or how it uses the behavioral and item data it collected from your site to serve recommendations, be it in recommender boxes on various pages of your site, or in emails and search boxes, using our two new features, SmartMail and SmartSearch. 

Below, I'll list and briefly explain the various menu points accessible from the Yusp Dash. You can click on each of the titles to access a detailed summary of the options accessible from that particular menu. 


The Dashboard is an overview of how Yusp performs on your website. You can access information about:

  • How many recommendations you have used up in the current subscription month and how many impressions does your current plan allow
  • What are your global CTRs, and other recommendations KPIs
  • Which step are you at in each Yusp setup wizard 



Here you can find detailed statistics (CTRs, revenue generated, etc.) about the performance of your recommendations. You can filter the statistics for any certain recommender box you have enabled on one of your website's pages or for a chosen time period. 


Under the Web menu, you can configure and test your recommender boxes. You can find options here, such as:

  • Which pages of your site you want to display recommendations on
  • What logics and designs you want to use in these pages

Each page is a type of page on your site, where you want to display recommendations. A recommendation box on a page is called a "Placement". A placement consists of two elements: 

  • A design, which is the visible layout of the recommendation box
  • A logic, that is the set of rules, based on which items are generated in your box (popular items, related items, personalized recommendations, etc.)

Whenever you add a new placement, a new logic and layout will be generated. You can also use already created logics and designs for new placements.

Through this new, feature, you're able to display recommendation boxes in your emails, using Yusp recommendation logics and designs. All you need to do is configure the boxes on the interface, then paste the generated code snippet into your newsletters, or sales mails.

This feature enables you to enhance your site through predictive search, backed by Yusp recommender algorithms. SmartSearch offers dynamic product recommendations by search terms, as well as autocomplete, and auto-suggest features. 

From the settings menu, you can access your Yusp Item, Event, and User databases, and set up recurrent or singular item and user feeds. You can also access our integration wizards for standard installation, as well as for the Yusp eCommerce plugins from here. 

You can send support letters to our ticketing system here. Whether you have questions about the interface or any of the features, don't hesitate to write us a ticket, we'll get back to you right away!

You can find advanced options here, pertaining to logics, target groups, campaigns and more. These tools are mainly for enterprise/Pro users, and using them requires Yusp integrator support. In case you're interested in enhanced, custom-tailored recommender functionality, request support from us, although, note that customization entails development costs.