What is Dash?

The Yusp Dashboard (Dash) is a unique and comprehensive tool for managing all of the recommendation engine related settings on your website. You can integrate your site with Yusp through various eCommerce plugins, as well as our standard, client side installation. You can also use the Yusp Dashboard to set up recommender boxes on various pages of your website, create custom box designs and choose from our predefined recommendation logics. You can also configure our new eCommerce features, such as predictive search (SamrtSearch) and email recommender service (SmartMail). And finally, you can track the performance of your recommendations on the Yusp Analytics screen.

How to access Dash?

You can access the Yusp Dash after logging in with your account on the unique URL you've received in email. Your login information (email, password) has also been sent to your email address that you registered with.

What can I do after accessing Dash?

For a brief overview of the main functions of the interface, please, proceed to the next article in the documentation!