A recommendation means the set of rules, based on which recommendations are going to be displayed in your placement. For example, the Popular logic displays items that were clicked on / bought the most.

You can choose a recommendation logic that you'd like to use for your placement from the drop-down menu, and type a logic name. The name you specify here will not be displayed on your actual product pages. It will be the name of the recommendation logic you set up for the box. 

Note, that some logics (such as Also viewed) need quite a bit of interactional data in order to provide results.

A brief description of some of the preset Yusp recommendation logics:

  • Popular - items that were bought / clicked on the most
  • Also viewed - it recommends products that are often viewed together with the product currently being looked at
  • Also bought - products often bought together with the item currently being looked at
  • Recommended for you - items that are relevant, based on the history of the current user
  • More like this based on product attributes - item similarity based on product attributes (Title, Description, etc.)
  • Optimized More like this - Unless you have something really specific in mind, we recommend using this logic, for a start. What this logic does is that it attempts to make recommendations based on "Also viewed" and "Also bought" logics, however, if there is not yet enough behavioural data for a product, it will revert ("fall back") to product attribute based logic. Gradually, as the system gathers more and more event data on your site, you'll have enough behavioural data for more and more products, so the system can recommend items based on the more complex 'collaborative' logics.