Logic in recommendations context

The recommendation engine can execute calculations trough different methods - we call them logic. By default, we added the most suitable calculations to your dashboard.
You just have to attach them to your touchpoints. For example your product page you should add the logic called 'Product Page'.

1. You can choose a recommendation logic that you'd like to use for your touchpoint at the Channels>Web>Touchpoints

2. Click any existing touchpoint or create a new one and open it.
3. Click on the login tab in it.
4. A side tab will appear where you can select the logics. Let's add one. 

5. Save

You have to update the widget from the launchpad. As a result you may see different products at your updated recommendation widget. 

 Be aware of the fact, not all the logics are viable at any page types. If you feeling obscure about any of those changes please reach out to us - hello@yusp.com