After creating a Yusp account, log in to your Yusp Dashboard on your unique URL we sent you in your confirmation email. 
When presented with the Yusp Installation Guide, choose “Shopify Installation” from the available options. 

First, you’ll have to install our API on your Shopify site. In order to do so, please, paste your MyShopify URL into the appropriate field. (If you’ve already installed our API from the Shopify store, the installer will automatically skip this step.) 

As a next step, you have to authenticate yourself in the Yusp system. You can do this by logging into the Yusp Client’s Portal with the credentials you’ve received in your confirmation email. 

After you’ve successfully logged in, your unique Yusp tracking code will be inserted into your site’s code. 

At the next step, you import behavior, product and customer information from your Shopify site into your Yusp Database. Here you can set up a timeframe for the recurrent import. If you set 10 hours, for example, then your Yusp database will be synchronized with you store every 10 hours. If you rarely update your product catalog, 10-12 hours should be sufficient. However, if you make important changes in your product information every day, you can configure hourly imports as well - this will not affect your site’s performance. 

After you’ve completed the installation, Yusp will start to collect event data (e.g.: ADD_TO_CART, VIEW, BROWSE, BUY), import users, and items into your Yusp database. Click next and finished with the integration. 

You'll now be directed to another wizard that'll walk you through the steps of creating your first Yusp recommender box.