Yusp offers a plugin for Magento shop owners, which, apart from making the installation process easier, establishes a deeper connection between your site and our recommender system. It also features plenty of convenience features and additional functionalities, all configurable right from the Magento interface

Installing the Yusp Magento plugin on your Magento admin interface

  1. Go to "Magento Connect Manager" in your Magento admin interface
  2. Paste the extension key you copied from Magento Connect
  3. Press the "Install" button

Establishing the connection between your shop and your Yusp account

When logging into the Yusp Dashboard, you’ll have the option to start the Yusp Magento installation wizard, which guides you through the 5 minutes process of connecting your store to your Yusp account.


If you have the Yusp Recommendation Engine plugin installed on your site, you can proceed to the second step right away, where you have to paste your API URL, API Username, and API Password. You can find all three displayed at the second step of the integration wizard.
  1. API URL: "Webshop Servlet URL" on the Dashboard
  2. API Username: Customer ID on the Dashboard
  3. API Password: Password displayed below the Customer ID

When you're done, use the "Test connection" button to verify your settings.

Synchronizing your product and user catalogs

Scroll down to the Synchronization tab on the Yusp Magento interface (under System -> Configuration -> Yusp), and simply click the “Export” button, and your product and user catalogs will get synchronized with your Yusp database. Yusp product update, customer update, and customer registration is on by default. These options enable real-time synchronization between your store and Yusp.

We recommend, that you have the "Only In-stock" option on "Yes", as it is also the right setting, if you do not have stock tracking enabled.