If you want to insert additional product properties into your Yusp database (category, availability, etc.), the easiest way to do so is through the Yusp visual selector. If you couldn't select all the properties from meta tags during the installation you're most likely already familiar with how it works. 

Go to the "Integration" tab on the Yusp Dashboard and scroll down to "Product structure definition". Click on "Advanced" then select "Add new visually". This button will open the Yusp visual selector page where you can select any product property you'd like and add it to your product information structure in your Yusp database. 

After selecting the desired property, you can specify two attributes:


  • Title – Predefined title attribute.

  • ItemId – Use this if you want to manually define the product ID.

  • Image – Predefined field for the image URL.

  • Price – Predefined field for the product price.

  • URL - The URL of the product.

  • Description - Long format product description.

  • Custom name – Any other custom attribute can be crawled. If you select custom you can enter any name e.g. shortDescription or netPrice.

  • HTML content as text – The text content of the HTML element is crawled.

  • HTML content as number – The HTML content is processed as a number. It’s especially useful for price attributes. It removes unnecessary characters.

  • image source – Used for images to get the image URL
  • link – The target URL of a link element is imported.
  • custom attribute – A custom CSS selector expression.

After you've added a property, go to your event database and check the newest view events, whether they contain the freshly added property.