Test your recommendations

Before you make your recommendations visible to your customers we offer a solution to take a look on your widget in live environment, on your site without any risk. You will be the only person who can see the recommendations until you publish it.

You can activate test mode by clicking on the gear at the top right corner at your dashboard or on the top left side of Touchpoints page. Turn the test mode on. 


In order to see your recommendations you have to enable Test mode first and select the Touchpoints you want to test. This time instead of the Go live button, you will see a Test sign, click on that. Next go to 'Launchpad' page to confirm and select your touchpoints and press the 'Test' button.

After that the recommendation will be visible only through your browser. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 13.18.41.png

Can't see your recommendations? 

In this case something else is missing to get recommendation on your site.

Here is a short list you should check: 

- Items must be properly imported - take a look at the 'Database' tab.
- You have defined a page type and add a unique product identifier
- You have created a design

- You have created a touchpoint and added a page type, logic and a design to it
- You have inserted the touchpoints to your site
- You have turned the test mode on and sent the touchpoint to test

If you still not able to see you recommendations get in touch with us through the hello@yusp.com address. 

Publish Recommendations

When you've took a look at your recommendations and you like the result the time has come to publish your recommendations for your visitors. 

You can do this under Touchpoints page: Select the Touchpoint(s) you want to publish and click Go live. You can also open the 'Launchpad' and select the touchpoints.
Click on 'Go Live with next version'

And you’re done, congratulations!

You have published your first recommendations.