This step is perhaps the most crucial part of the installation process.

Here you have to define a product ID that will uniquely identify your products in the Yusp database

If it is not set properly, we are not going to be able to import your product catalog and provide recommendations on your site. 

What is a product ID?

1, You can use SKU (stock keeping unit) values as product IDs. These are usually combinations of numbers and letters that identify a certain item uniquely in your, or a manufacturer’s product catalog. If the SKU is displayed on your product pages, you can simply click “Yes”, select it on the Yusp visual selector page and you’re good to go.


2, You can also use the unique identifier in your site’s database (usually a plain number) if your store doesn’t use SKUs. 

If the product ID is displayed on your product pages, you’ll simply need to click on it on the visual selector page and proceed to the next step. However, if it’s not visible (and there’s a good chance it’s not) you can click “No” and insert a <meta> tag containing your product ID into the product page template of your site. 

If your product ID is not visible:

  1. Copy this meta tag: <meta name="itemId" content="${id}">
  2. Insert it to your product page template.
  3. Change the ${id} for the product ID variable your site is using. 

The product ID variable can differ in the case of different CMSes and eCommerce engines. Here are the copy/paste solutions for some of the most popular platforms and the name and path of the template files where you have to paste the code.

  • Wordpress WooCommerce: 
    • We have a dedicated Woocommerce plugin, that connects your shop with your Yusp Dashboard and also handles seamless user and product catalog synchronizationstead.


  • Prestashop (v., might be different for earlier versions):
    • Code to insert: <meta name="itemId" content="{$product->id}">
    • themes/yourtheme/product.tpl
    • Stay tuned, as we're getting close to releasing our dedicated Prestashop plugin for Yusp.

  • Open Cart (v., might be different for earlier versions):  
    • Code to insert: <meta name="itemId" content="<?php echo $product_id; ?>">
    • catalog/view/theme/yourtheme/template/product/product.tpl

  • Shopify: If you're installing Yusp on a Shopify shop, please, use our Shopify plugin. For instructions on how to set up Yusp using the Shopify plugin, check out this page, or the plugin description in the Shopify store.