In this tutorial we are going to cover how to define your main page types such as Item Page, Home Page, Cart Page and Category Page.

Define a Page Type

Navigate to the following location: Channels > Web > Pages. 

Here you see the above-mentioned four page types. Select one of them.
Here you’ll have to paste the URL of one of your product pages to the required field and define the HTML selector of your page type.

This will be used by Yusp to identify all your different page types and import the required information from them into our database.

1. Click for example on a product page - that will open the integration tab.
2. Paste the URL one of your products

3. Define the HTML selector by inputting unique identifier of that page. In case of a Product Page this can be for example a "class" like .single-product OR an ID like #product-page. You can typically find this in the starting body element of your page.


After that you'll have to set up item properties. Read more.