We support TSV, XML and CSV product catalogs in the following format: https://developers.gravityrd.com/wiki/display/RECO/Item+catalog.

If you have the catalog you can upload it in the "Database / Feed" menu. First, try to upload it manually, and if it's accepted you can set up a recurrent import.

Download our sample xml for eCommerce.

Make sure your catalog contains all necessary information, that is (the fields in your feed need to be named exactly as below):

  • ItemId - unique product identifier
  • Title - the title of the product
  • Description - the description of the product
  • Image - product image URL
  • Price - the actual sell price of the product
  • URL - product page URL
  • CategoryID (optional) - the id of the category, containing the product (can be multiple values - in that case, in an XML, you'll need to have more of the same tag, like <CategoryID>13</CategoryID> <CategoryID>15</CategoryID>, etc.)
  • categoryPath (optional) - the path of the category containing the product (i.e. Clothes > T-shirts) the separator can be anything, but "/" and ">" are preferred. This can also have multiple values.

    You can reach the manual import under the Integration>Feed>Item Feed route.

After a successful upload, you can add your feed under the recurrent importĀ tab.