Here is the code snippet to manually display the recommendations on the site. It requires deeper technical knowledge with which you can use our JS API inside the postRenderFunction:   


postRenderFunction: function($) {
    if (!window.gr_editor_proxied) {

var selectorOfTheSiteElement = "DIV.content-pane > H3"; // this is the selected div on the site
var uniqDivId = "Base Reco 1_11";// unique id of the inserted div  
var logicId = "BASE_RECO_1_12";// ID of the logical placement (in the brackets)
var designId = "CP2Template_Base Reco";// the name of the design prefixed by "CP2Template_"

        var containerrr0 = $(selectorOfTheSiteElement);
        var targetDivrr0 = document.createElement("div");
        $(targetDivrr0).attr("id", uniqDivId);
        var rr0 = {
            type: "recommendation",
            scenarioId: logicId,
            numberLimit: 20,
            selector: selectorOfTheSiteElement, 
            templating: {
                targetElementId: uniqDivId,
                templateId: designId,
            callback: function(recommendation, templating) {
                console.log("entering template callback function");
                var scripts = document.getElementById(uniqDivId).getElementsByTagName("script");
                for (var i = 0; i < scripts.length; i++) {
                    try {
                    } catch (Error) {

            type: "event",
            eventType: "BROWSE"
    } else {"In editor proxy mode. Will not send VIEW and BROWSE event.")