Probably the best solution is to create a new page for the mobile device. We detect pages based on the HTML tag which was selected to insert the recommendation box and for product page also the detected product attributes. If you want custom page detection you can set it up similarly on the advanced part of the page.

Let me give you an example:

  1. If you have a special class or ID on the mobile page you can enter it to the "PAGE DETECTION" / "HTML selector" section. e.g.: "#mobileOnlyID" in this case only the pages containing this ID will be detected.
  2. In the crawling section select "Request parameter only". This is necessary to get the product ID used to generate the recommendations. This can be set up in a similar way you did at the first time by selecting the product attributes, or you can enter the selector manually. Here is a short description how to do this later one:
    As you can see on the page help page a data included like this is detected with the following settings: selector = meta[property='og:title'] ; value = content
  3. Save the settings at the top of the page.

  4. Create a new design in the "DESIGNS" section in the left menu.
  5. Go back to the advanced menu of the previously created page.
  6. Add the placement into the site on the bottom of the page. For this you have to use the visual selector. If it's not possible by the visual selector please contact us, and we will give you a sample code you have to insert in the code editor to add the recommendation box.
  7. Save the settings at the top of the page :)

I hope it helps but if something is not straightforward please don't hesitate to ask.